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Commercial Fire Protection Woodmere

Commercial fire protection with Budd Morgan The Woodmere Alarm Company. We are the authority in commercial fire protection services for Woodmere. Nassau County, New York sets the standard for fire safety with all new construction and even renovations requiring fire alarms by law. Our welcoming and knowledgeable staff offer professional installation, service and inspections, with our own Central Station Lines and Receivers. We Provide the peace of mind knowing that your commercial building and the people inside are being monitored against fire by Budd Morgan Alarm Company 24 hours 7 days a week.

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CCTV Surveillance Woodmere

Our Woodmere CCTV surveillance systems protect people and property. At Budd-Morgan we offer a complete line of Digital Video Recorder Transmitters, (DVRs) and Network Video Recorders (NVRs). We service and install the highest quality CCTV surveillance systems for Woodmere, from enterprise level systems for management of hundreds or even thousands of cameras to a complete line of covert Cameras.

Video is the best way to protect your Woodmere Business from theft and threats internal and external.

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Security Systems Woodmere & Burglar Alarms Woodmere

Budd Morgan offers a complete line of Woodmere security products and services. Our expertise in security systems and burglar alarm system design, Installation and maintenance sets us apart from our competition. We have worked with many Fortune 500 companies, national retailers and independent operators in all facets of enhanced Security Services. We offer live 24-hour tech support, with 24 hour service and much more. Budd-Morgan is one of the largest security providers in JFK International Airport.

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Woodmere Central Station Alarm Services

At the Budd-Morgan Alarm Co. we have our own in-house central station receivers and phone lines available exclusively for our Woodmere clients. We offer a full line of central station services including 24-hour Central Station Monitoring with dedicated phone lines, digital and Alarm-Net Radio back-up.

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Woodmere Residential Alarm Services

We offer premier residential alarm services including Woodmere security systems, Woodmere burglar alarm systems and Woodmere fire alarm systems. We design and build custom residential alarm systems that not only provide the safety and protection you need but a system that’s convenient and easy to use.

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Woodmere Environmental Detection and Monitoring Services

Budd-Morgan Offers a complete line of commercial and residential environment detection and monitoring services for Woodmere. Our staff of experts in the environmental detection field are here for design, installation, inspections and maintenance as needed. We offer carbon monoxide detectors, carbon dioxide detectors, natural gas detectors, temperature monitoring and flood detection systems.

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